Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Donation completed 寄付完了のお知らせ

9月にDesignersblockで行った東日本大震災復興支援アートイベント、「EGAKU -Draw for Japan- での収益の寄付が完了しました。

ippo_絆 あしなが支援活動」へ34,299円、「ふんばろう東日本支援プロジェクト」へ34,298円(振込み手数料除く)寄付致しました。


We have donated the profit from "EGAKU -Draw for Japan-", a charity art event in aid of Japan which took place at Designersblock in September.

We exchanged the profit of £610 for 69,857 yen,
and donated 34,299 yen for "Ippo_Kizuna" and 34,298 yen for "Project Funbaro Eastern Japan" (fee deducted).

Thank you very much for your contribution!